Apple Crumble Pannacotta

Apple Crumble Panna Cotta

Spiced Panna Cotta, Apple Jelly, caramelised apple, apple caramel, crumble

Another dessert, however this is a real, real peach of a recipe. It has flavours that all go wonderfully together. The idea for this dessert was simple. It was about making a modern twist on one of my favourite ever dessert, apple crumble with custard...

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Chocolate Brownie, Caramel, Hazelnuts

Choclate Brownie, Caramel, Mousse

This dessert is not one for those who like to end a meal with a refreshing sorbet. This is sweet, rich and very chocolaty and just damn delicious. Both the caramel and the chocolate mousse were both probably a bit over the top, however essential all the same. The hazelnuts add a nice crunch, as too does the chocolate shard. And all together, it is a very nice dessert. Simple but very indulgent...

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Pan Fried Pollock with Mash, Sea Spinach and Cockle Butter Sauce

Pan Fried Pollock with Mash, Sea Spinach and Cockle Butter Sauce.

This is very classical cooking and very tasty. The butter sauce was so nice and something I am definitely going to play around with in future dishes. I used sea beet for this dish, a great wild food that is far superior to conventional spinach you buy in the shops...

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Pan fried Chicken Breast, Snail Risotto and Chicken Juice

This dish can be either very average or very good. If you use free – range chicken breasts, homemade chicken stock, cook the risotto with a bit of love and care and if you do not overcook the chicken breasts but still manage to get a good colour on them, then this can be a very good dish. However if you don’t do this, then this may very well be a very average dinner...

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Beef, Onion, Potato

Most recipes for brisket call for it to be braised for two or three hours. This is fine if the brisket is going to be used in a pie or stew however if your serving the brisket as a piece of meat like I’m doing here, then I think 6 hours is a minimum cooking time to actually tenderise brisket. I tried this dish a few times before I finally got it to a stage that I was happy with...

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Monkfish, Barley, Cauliflower, Mussels, Seaweed

The inspiration for this dish came from a dish served at Aniar Restaurant recently which paired monkfish, cauliflower, barley and seaweed all together in a gorgeous looking plate of food. My take on that dish is fairly basic. However the real magic of the dish, like the dishes served in Aniar, is in its use of fantastic quality, local and seasonal Irish ingredients...

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Crispy Chicken ‘Nuggets’ and Tartar Sauce

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets recipe

This dish makes a gorgeous snack to kick off a meal before a starter. The inspiration for this dish came from a dish I ate in Petrus, one of Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant, a while back. The meal itself was ok, but there was one dish in particular that I really loved. It was an amuse bouche, or a snack as many restaurants tend to call it nowadays, of a crispy pork nugget with tartar sauce...

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Beef cheeks, spinach, mash

Traditional Irish stew with a modern twist

This plate is less of a restaurant dish and more of a home cooked dish. It’s very simple, traditional Irish home cooking. Forget bacon and cabbage and lots of other traditional dishes that are just pretty awful. In my opinion Irish cooking can and should be much better than this and there is no need for us to continue down this path and continuing to have an embarrassing cuisine...

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Confit Salmon, Cucumber, Jerusalem Artichoke, Roe

Cucumber Salomn, Jerusalem Artichoke, Cucumber, Roe

The inspiration for this dish came from a popular starter served at Aniar restaurant in Galway city. To be perfectly honest, this dish didn’t work quite as well as I hoped it would. The individual components, especially the smoked scallop roe mayo and pickled cucumber, were gorgeous. However together they just didn’t work...

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Steak, Mushroom Duxelle and Ultra Mash!


You just can’t go wrong with a nice steak, mash and mushrooms now can you. Steak and mushroom is a classic combo and this mushroom duxelle is pretty special, with such a strong mushroom flavour it’s nearly like the essence of a mushroom. The mash is ultra for one reason, it is made with a LOT of butter...

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