A New Beginning…….

“Gourmet Dough is about turning simple dough, be it bread, pastry, pasta or any other dough into truly delicious food”.

According to my About page, this is what Gourmet Dough is about. However from now on the blog will have a new focus. There will be no more recipes for breads, pastries, pastas or any other dough. Instead, I want to tackle a different area and concentrate on where my real passion lies, cooking. So as of this week I will start posting recipes for exciting, modern dishes. My aim is to come up with my own restaurant style dishes, gaining inspiration from anywhere I may find it, that will look fantastic on the plate. I will try to use a range of quality meat, fish and vegetables as I go, however each dish will often comprise of only a handful of ingredients. I also want to follow the seasons and use the best Irish ingredients when they are in season and at their very tastiest.

The layout of the recipes will also be different to what I used to do. It’s a unique way of writing recipes that I am sure some people won’t agree with. It suits myself because it’s exactly how I look at recipes when I come up with a dish. Whether people will understand it or not I’ll have to wait and see. However there is always a comment section or the blogs Facebook page where you can ask any question and I will be happy to answer.

Unlike the old Gourmet Dough where there was often over ten photographs, now there will only be one picture of the finished dish though occasionally there may be two or at the most three pictures of the same dish with different plating options.

Apart from all this, Gourmet Dough will remain unchanged in many ways. I would love if there was more interaction on the blog with readers and myself, then again what blogger doesn’t wish for this? One thing that will never change on Gourmet Dough however, now more than ever, is that I will still strive to make “truly delicious food”. And I am sure if me, with my limited food knowledge, can achieve this then you can too. So with the new year comes a new change but I am sure that it will be a welcome transformation and I hope that my readers agree.




4 comments to A New Beginning…….

  • Conor Bofin  says:

    Excellent idea Evan, I look forward to seeing the posts.
    Happy New Year,

    • Evan O' Ceallaigh  says:

      Thanks Conor,
      I feel the blog needed a new direction and I think the new posts will be a welcome change. The first post will be up first thing tomorrow morning.
      Happy New Year to you too,

  • siobhan slattery  says:

    Best of Luck with the new approach :)

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